The Black River | ORIGIN
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“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus


On a stormy October night in 2016 five New York based musicians from different musical backgrounds and experiences met under a disco ball in a smoky warehouse space to make music. What they found was true chemistry and a shared synergistic emotion that flowed organically between their instruments. As the rain beat against the cracked windows and the street lights crept through the glass the music just kept pouring and pouring.


The musicians felt there was something special about this formation – the vibe was natural and pure – like a river.


Over the course of the next few months The Black River continued to tighten their bond as musicians and friends.  The music got tighter and the nights got longer – they were having a blast playing together.  Each member brings their own style to the stage to create a sound that is all their own. Calling on classic grooves and dirty soul sounds they create a haunting energy that oozes with creativity and connection.


Just two months after their first meeting the band played their very first theater show as The Black River and started writing all brand new material together.  This led them to producer Jeff Aderman from Big Blue North whom saw something special with the band and wanted to bring their debut album “Classic Universe” to life. They began recording in January and the album is set to release on vinyl this winter.


Their first album is focused and evokes a serious emotion of redemption.  What the band does best is listen to one another and service the song. Its apparent that they deeply care about the music and the connection with their listeners.  With pocket drum grooves,  progressive bass work, experimental guitar tones and chilling organ sounds their music lands somewhere in between old soul and heavy blues rock.  And when that’s combined with thoughtful storytelling lyrics and a blue eyed soul vocal approach it creates a wonderfully unique noise that feels modern and vintage at the same time.

Band Members

Mike Powell – Guitar/Vocal

John Hanus – Guitar/Pedal Steel

Joe Bell – Bass/Vocal

Dom Scicchitano – Drums/Percussion

Shane Kelsen – Keys/Vocal


Production Team

Brett Walts – Live Sound Engineer

Seth Goldberg – Lighting/Sound Engineer

Sean Horan – Videographer

Jeff Freightenburgh – Artist

Billy Kelly – Merch Manager